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This is an earnest attempt towards sharing valuable information with the badminton action in Pune. Pune is the place where the game of badminton originated and hence it is only apt that this site has interesting historical information about badminton.

Besides making good reading for badminton enthusiasts this website is also a common information platform for players, officials, umpires and media. We are sure that after your visit to the website, pdmba.in will definitely find a place in your favorite sites.

If one looks at the history of this Organization, it dates back to pre-independence days. Poona was very popularly known then as the home for Education, Center for Cultural Activities of Maharashtra. Lately Poona has established its identity as a Sports’ City. Pune and Badminton have interrelations for past 125 years. Not only this Game was first played in Poona around 1870 but also the very First rules of this Game were formed in Poona, as such it was referred to as “Poona Game “. The British soldiers, who used to play here, started playing the same on their return at Gloucestershire County. The Duke of Beaufort from the town of Badminton helped lotto further this Game, hence it was named as "Badminton" to remember his contribution. It further spread to England, USA, and Germany where it became very popular.

To promote the Game of Badminton all over the State the sports lovers like Late Prin. N. G. Suru, Late Prof M.V. Mehendale, Late Mr. Makarand Bhave, and Late Mr. Dajisaheb Natu came together and founded Maharashtra Badminton Association at Poona on November 23, 1946. The working of PDMBA can be divided in two separate phases like 1946 to 1969 and 1970 till today, The Organization was popular known as Maharashtra Badminton Association between the periods 1946 to 1969. As per Govt. guidelines of 1969 only one State one Association and one District one Association was recognized. Hence Maharashtra Badminton Association has renamed as Poona District & Metropolitan Badminton Association. It field of operation was restricted to Poona District. Mr. Dajisaheb Natu became the first Secretary of this Organization PDMBA had a dream all along to have its own International Standard Hall with 2/3 wooden courts This dream came to reality in 1979 after the talks with P. E. Society were successful. The Chairman and Managing Director of Western India Erectors, Mr. Avinash Wardekar donated Rs. 3,600,000.00 (Rs. Thirty Six Lakhs) and the construction of Sports Complex Badminton Hall having 4 wooden courts was completed in year 1981.

As PDMBA has a hall of its own with 4 Badminton Courts, coaching scheme for the sub—juniors in the age group of 10 to I5 years was drafted .Association is marching ahead with a constant pea under leadership of Mr. Wardekar. In fact it is regarded as one of the very well Organized Associations in Poona. The Association was formed with a vow to promote and develop Badminton.

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